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Corona-virus påvirker fortsat en del tilbud og services, som er ændrede eller åbne med restriktioner. Læs mere på kk.dk/corona


Læs om den aktuelle situation i Center for Kræft og Sundhed


An option for all persons affected by cancer

Copenhagen Centre for Cancer and Health is for all people affected by cancer.

Copenhagen Centre for Cancer and Health is for all persons affected by cancer, including cancer patients, relatives, and surviving relatives.

Among many other things, it is possible to participate in rehabilitation which, depending on the citizen's needs, may include diet counselling, physical training, stop smoking courses, and patient courses. Citizens can also participate in sessions with psychologists and social workers as well as discussion groups.

The centre runs an open café, where a member of the staff always is present and ready to meet the citizens.


Want to learn more about the centre? Watch the presentation movie above the text. You can also call the centre on 82 20 58 00.